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Atividades da PIRAVES



The PIRAVISTAMOS is a gathering of bird-watchers and nature lovers held in confusion Piraju by PIRAVES (pIRAJUENSE ASSOCIATION of birdwatchers) with the participation of representatives of the SIGHT of BRAZIL. See Brazil is the largest and most traditional Birdwatching Fair of Latin America.In this event participated photographers of the natural beauty of birds and people who seek fellowship with other colleagues of activity, participating in lectures that bring the recent news both in the area of birdwatching and in tourism. Contact with entrepreneurs, marketers, writers, photographers, conservationists and speakers in the provided great learning experience.



The BIRDS Project Of MY LIFE
Make students recognize the value of the birds to the environment, making them share the responsibility in the protection and recovery of Avifauna.-the project will contribute to the formation of the environmental education of children and young people in schools, teaching them to observe the birds and protect nature.-Show the importance of birds in the spread of the seeds and fruits and flowers and pollination in the reforestation of deforested areas as well as promoting preservation of birds predominate in this type of biome.-Teach the role of Birds in the control of insects and poisonous animals, pest control and that the lack of birds and deforestation may cause an environmental imbalance, such as an overwhelming increase in the number of insects.-Promote respect for and conservation of the environment, removing and not leaving trash found in preservation areas, enjoying the environment without acts of vandalism as well as teach you how to behave in areas of dense forests enumerating the dangers that can occur.
What is Ripping?

Bird watching, also attributed as hanging around that means hunting birds with the camera. Bird-watching, is something very pleasurable, but sometimes we have to prepare ourselves to be able to make a good point. Let's spend a few tips that will make your passarinhada.Inform yourself about the species of birds that inhabit the site you chose to passarinharPesquise about the behavior of each family or genus.There are several specialized guides that can be used to query. Go to the right place and know what to look for is the first step to a good passarinhada.

Use appropriate costumes

If you are going into a forest area, it should use a discreet clothing and, preferably, camouflaged with the environment to prevent the bird get scared and run away.Use darker shades of green to forest and cerradão and lighter shades of green or khaki for Cerrado and fields. Generally speaking, your chance to see and photograph birds in free-living increases if your cover is good.

Don't forget your safety equipment as cinnamon or leg protector, the snakes are common anywhere.

Stay silent

Silence and a silent walk are fundamental not to scare away the birds.

Limit the conversation to a minimum and essential step ' lightweight ', especially if the trail is covered with dry leaves. If you need to remove branches with their hands, do it slowly.When you find them, don't get too close not to scare them.

Don't get too close

Get too close to a wild bird can offer for you and for her. There is chance of disease transmission (from you to the bird and vice versa) and accidents (scratches or pecking).Avoid in particular touching babies, even when they seem abandoned. Many babies are alone while parents seek food and its interference generates stress.

Pay attention to the timetables

The early hours of the morning and late afternoon are the schedules of major activity of birds. But some species have different habits, therefore, seek to know the times and seasons of higher activity of each.Owls, urutaus, found ... can only be observed during the night.

Use an observation equipment

The use of equipment becomes essential for good observation. The most basic of these is the binocular, indispensable for a good observation. Choose a model with an increase of at least 8 to 10 times and good lighting. Generally are the binoculars with larger diameter lenses, which are also easier to focus. This helps a lot in time to find the bird amid the foliage before she flies. There are binoculars with device for reducing vibrations, which is interesting, but cost more expensive. Check out the weight of the various models and prefer the lighter.

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